Monday, March 7, 2011


Social Media. Viral. Interactive. Digital. Those are all current buzzwords for marketers who are realizing that continued marketing success hinges on incorporating these new ideas and trends with traditional marketing practices. Integrated marketing communication is the term used in reference to the blending of conventional and new marketing channels and techniques.In this blog, I will analyze and provide insight on real-world examples of  integrated marketing communications.

In the same way that companies strive to establish identities and create awareness through a strong presence on both digital and traditional media outlets, individuals can form their own personal brand. Using social media, I have begun to cultivate my digital identity, but have room for improvement with 53 Twitter followers and a Klout score of 13. As I  learn more about the techniques that companies are using to improve their online presence and analyze their effectiveness, I can apply them to my personal brand to enhance the strength of my brand and gain experience in the application of integrated marketing communications. 

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